Investment Criteria

CrossHarbor invests in single property transactions, multiple property portfolios, and real estate-related operating companies.  The firm acquires and operates properties for its own account and actively invests in transactions with joint venture operating partners and third party borrowers.

All major commercial real estate asset classes located throughout the United States are eligible for investment consideration including office, warehouse/industrial, retail, apartments, hotel/resort, land, for-sale residential, and mixed-use properties.

The common themes that underscore CrossHarbor’s value-oriented investment strategy are illustrated below.

Pricing Advantages

Under-Performing Assets

Compelling Event-Driven Strategies

  • Off-market transactions
  • Mispriced or out-of-favor credit
  • Structured finance applications
  • Rapid funding requirements
  • Temporary market dislocations
  • Illiquid conditions
  • Corporate dispositions
  • Complex tax, ownership or capital structures
  • Vacancy issues
  • Below market rents
  • Bloated operating expenses
  • Capital deficiencies
  • Reputational issues
  • Poor management
  • New development
  • Renovation, redevelopment
  • Conversion, adaptive reuse
  • Consolidation synergies
  • Environmental remediation
  • Workout scenarios including bankruptcy, foreclosure or recapitalization

Terms of Use

Confidentiality Statement and Policy

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In order to limit disclosure of any Confidential Information to persons or entities that are not Investors, you agree to retain copies of Confidential Information for only as long as is necessary.  Whenever possible you agree to review the Confidential Information online.  If it is necessary to print all or some part of the Confidential Information, you agree to dispose of those copies at your earliest convenience.  CrossHarbor has adopted this CONFIDENTIALITY STATEMENT AND POLICY in order to protect CrossHarbor, the CrossHarbor Funds, their respective affiliates, the investors in the CrossHarbor Funds and the Confidential Information.  If you have any questions regarding treatment of any Confidential Information, please contact us at your convenience.

If you receive a request for disclosure of information regarding CrossHarbor or any of the CrossHarbor Funds, you agree to contact CrossHarbor before releasing any such information.  In such event, you agree to cooperate with CrossHarbor to identify appropriate legal grounds to avoid disclosure and in taking legal action to avoid disclosure.