Flagship Value Add / Opportunity Fund

An investment thesis rooted in property-level operational enhancements as well as pricing advantages that arise from distressed, complex, and dislocated scenarios.

  • A: Flagship Value Add / Opportunity Fund
  • B: Senior Debt Income Fund
  • C: Build-to-Core Multifamily Fund
  • D: SMAs & Special Situations


CrossHarbor targets underperforming properties that may generate improved cash flow from the implementation of a clearly defined and well-executed operating strategy. In addition, the firm seeks out temporarily illiquid situations and related pricing advantages that arise from distressed, complex, and dislocated circumstances. The firm rejects transactions whereby the sole contributor to yield enhancement is the utilization of leverage. This “value” philosophy fosters the creation of secondary and tertiary exit strategies for investments and moderates the impact of uncontrollable, adverse capital market fluctuations.

Pricing Advantages
  • Off-market transactions
  • Mispriced or out-of-favor credit
  • Structured finance applications
  • Rapid funding requirements
  • Temporary market dislocations
  • Illiquid conditions
  • Corporate dispositions
  • Complex tax, ownership or capital structures
Under-Performing Assets
  • Vacancy issues
  • Below market rents
  • Bloated operating expenses
  • Capital deficiencies
  • Reputational issues
  • Poor management
Compelling Event-Driven Strategies
  • New development
  • Renovation, redevelopment
  • Conversion, adaptive reuse
  • Consolidation synergies
  • Environmental remediation
  • Workout scenarios including bankruptcy, foreclosure or recapitalization